YehBA* Instant Messenger

YehBA* Instant Messenger 1.0.6 o

YehBA* is the brainchild of collaborative minds finding ways of optimizing your mobile life and establishing a community for mobile users where family and friends, even business acquaintances merge and converge, communicate and relate. Aiming to bring this technology into more users, YehBA* has become an affordable alternative, yet effective means of communication, with features that add flair and flavour to your mobile neighbourhood.

Global reach, at Affordable means, with real-time Mobile connectivity, whether mobile to mobile or mobile to pc, YehBA* enhances mobile experience quite like no other.

  • Access popular public instant messaging networks such as Google Talk and our own YehBA* network through your mobile phone
  • Chat mobile-to-mobile, or mobile-to-PC
  • Connect via for connection speeds up to 170 kbps. Works with all mobile phone operators in the Philippines (Globe, Smart, SUN) and around the world that offer GPRS connections
  • Access the Internet on your phone through Cell Phone HotSpots (“Bluezones”)

Full features of YehBA* Instant Messenger:

  • Mobile Presence - bringing instant messaging into your mobile lifestyle gives presence a whole new dimension. No longer are you tied to your PC when you go online
  • Realtime Chat - Chat 1on1 or Broadcast messages from your phone. Save costs, cheaper than SMS
  • Multihead Client - Connects to Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc
  • Multi-User Chatrooms - Meet new friends, hangout and have a good time. You can also create your own room and moderate your own discussion
  • Mobile Blogging -Rant, Rave and Share those unfogettable moments with your friends
  • YehBA* Dashboard Services - Customize your own services. Info-on Demand, Interactive Services, Download and more!
  • Compatible with leading messaging standards (XMPP/Jabber, SIP) - Compliant with open standards and the IM Federation
  • User Friendly and Intuitive Interface
  • Low bandwidth compressed mobile protocol - Making your mobile experience faster, safer & cheaper than ever

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YehBA* Instant Messenger


YehBA* Instant Messenger 1.0.6 o